Terms and Conditions

Payment Options
Bank transfer in Euro (preferred payment)
Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard) – only in Heliski Romania`s office in EUR or in local currency RON (Romanian Leu)
Cash – only in Heliski Romania’s office in EUR or in local currency RON (Romanian Leu) at the official exchange rate of the National Bank + 5%.
Booking and Deposit Policy
A deposit of 50% of the package price is required to confirm the booking.

Bookings are unconfirmed until payment has been processed. You will receive a payment confirmation email up to two-three business days after your booking.

Once we receive your deposit we will reserve your seat until the full payment due date. If you do not send a deposit by the agreed date we will release your booking and reserve the right to sell the package to another party.

Your final payment is due first day of skiing and your reservation will automatically be canceled if we do not receive full payment by this date.

Cancellations and Refund Policy

If you want to postpone your trip due to personal reasons we will charge you 15% from you downpayment .  For example for a half  day pack the price will be 48,75 EURO.

For example if you want to postpone your 1 day pack, we will charge 15% from your downpayment.

Why we do this? Because we will have to offer a last minute price to fill your spot in the helicopter.

If you want to cancel the trip, the remaining 50% of the down payment, will be refunded if we receive your written cancellation request at least 60 days prior to the start of the Package.

No refund will be given in whole or in part for unused days/runs/vertical meters/flying time within the package due to late arrival or early departure, lack of fitness or poor skiing ability.

For any Package, if you choose to stop skiing prior to completing the Package no refund will be issued for un-skied vertical meters (Multi-day packages), or unused helicopter flight time.

Weather considerations or other unforeseen problems preventing safe flying/skiing may cause Heliski Romania to cancel a day or part of a program. Refunds will then be issued for un-skied vertical meters and unused flight time based on Heliski Romania’s established rates.

Other booking information
Heliski Romania is the organizer of the ski packages described on our website. Any travel agent or individual representing Heliski Romania is acting only as an agent authorized for encashment.

Note: the term Heliskiing shall include “skiing” and “snowboarding” and “telemark skiing” and “ski-touring”.

By submitting a registration form online and paying a deposit, the client has entered into an agreement with Heliski Romania. The completed registration form along with the terms and conditions, ski packages or quote and the rates and dates constitute a legally binding agreement between Heliski Romania and the guest.

Each guest should familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions and information as noted on Heliski Romania website. This will ensure that you pick the best package for your needs and that you have a full understanding of what a Heliski trip/ski package entails.

Assumption of risk & waiver of liability
At HELISKI ROMANIA, we believe it is important for our guests to be fully aware of the safety issues involved in heli-skiing/heli-boarding, and to have a thorough understanding of the environment they will be exposed to. We do our best to provide you with a safe and outstanding adventure. As a guest, paying close attention to the instructions and obeying the rules is of paramount importance to help make your adventure as safe as possible.

However, risks associated with this type of activity cannot be entirely eliminated. When booking a heli-skiing/heli-boarding trip you should understand and accept the risks involved in such an activity. To take part in our program, each guest will be required to sign our release of liability/acceptance of risks agreement.