Special Packages

What's your dream trip?

At HSR you have the option to choose the package that suits your desires and needs. We take care of all the details. Figure out which package suits you the best:

  1. Hit And Run
  2. I Love Beer
  3. My Legs Are Strong
  4. Tailored
  5. Sunset Heliskiing - available on the spot depending on weather
  6. Sunrise Heliskiing - available on the spot depending on weather

1. Hit and Run

2600 € / person

This trips are ideal for those who are strong, adventurous and experienced skiers/riders.

  • vertical drop: 9000m in 2 days heli (6k first, 3k second)
  • group size: 8-16 people
  • helicopter Airbus H125
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • HSR safety pack

Alongside your training, we provide you with all the necessary snow safety equipment. In your pack, you’ll find an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe.

2. I Love Beer

2650 € / person

This pack is intended for those who also enjoy the 'tasty' part of heli-skiing and are not just hungry for vertical meters but eager to savor the local culture. It's an adrenaline rush combined with local flavors and tastes. This is a more relaxed program that allows you to unwind and immerse yourself in Romania, chilling with the local guides and riders. Right after the heli session, you'll be greeted with cold ones. Our local après-ski sensei, Pătroi, will take care of you.

  • vertical drop 4000m in 2 heli days (2000m / day)
  • group size: 8-16 pers
  • helicopter Airbus H125
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • traditional dinner with local cuisine
  • 2 cat ski runs in the heart of peaceful wilderness

3. My Legs Are Strong

2350 € / person

Here's your chance to challenge yourself. We offer the opportunity to ski a minimum of 5000 meters in about 3 hours without stopping -- approximately equivalent to 12 exhilarating heli rides of 'Yuhuuuuu!' (the exact number may vary based on factors such as route length, group dynamics, and weather conditions).

Fun fact: To achieve the same amount of vertical skiing at a traditional resort, you'd have to spend 3-4 hours just waiting in the lift line and take more than 20 chairlift rides -- an impossible feat to accomplish in a single day.

You can achieve this goal with the help of our powerful H125 helicopter and under the close supervision of a team of professional guides who are intimately familiar with the terrain. We emphasize strength, but safety is our top priority. Skiing just beyond your comfort zone doesn't mean entering the danger zone.

This challenge isn't for the faint-hearted; it may come with some muscle soreness, but the feeling of accomplishment is truly extraordinary. It's an experience out of the ordinary.

And if you're up for it, we have another challenge for you! Our current heliskiing record stands at 6350 meters of vertical descent in just 2 hours and 50 minutes with a group of 15 riders. Do you think you can beat it?

  • vertical drop: 8000m in 2 heli days
  • group size: 8-16 people
  • heli: Airbus H125
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • alongside your training, we provide you with all the necessary snow safety equipment. In your pack, you’ll find an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe

4. Tailored

* for pricing information, please feel free to inquire

You can customize the riding experience to match the skill level of your group of friends and fellow powder enthusiasts. Build the package that suits your desires and needs.

With over 20 years of experience in the adventure sports industry, we are highly adaptable and equipped with a solid infrastructure to provide you with truly unique experiences in the Carpathian Mountains. Whether you want to conclude your Heliski Experience with an exquisite dinner or explore cultural sights on a down day, we can accommodate it all in your program.

We offer you the option to rent a helicopter at a flat rate per hour of flying, departing and returning to our mountain base. This way, you have the freedom to tailor your adventure to your preferences.







Frequently Asked

For special dates and rates your group should consist in minimum 8 person.

Yes. We will try to coordinate so you fit in a group that will match your level.

Professional video-guides are available on request to ski with your group and capture the day’s adventures on digital video. Enquire about this service at our counter when booking or confirming your day’s heli-skiing.

The best snow in our mountains you can find between the middle of January until mid March.

Half of the payment needs to be paid via bank transfer as soon as possible in order to guarantee your reservation. Your reservation will only be fully confirmed once the payment has been made.

The other half needs to be paid in cash at our mountain chalet before or after our program.

The cars are parked in a safe location in Muntele Mic parking lot and easily accessible on skis or skidoo from your accommodation.

Extra meters we calculate with 17 eur/pers/100 m vertical drop.

You will receive the money back except the amount you paid for accommodation, food, helicopter reservation, your mountain guide. We are refunding 15 Eur/pers/100 m of vertical drop that we do not accomplish. For example on the package that guarantees 5000m in vertical drop, in case of not flying 2000m out of them then we will refund you 300eur.

The groups must have a basic mountain experience and a moderate physical condition in order to be able to maintain a relatively short waiting time.

We access a wide range of terrain and runs and depending on the snow safety and conditions we ride different runs and both vertical and length an average of 500m vertical/ run can be taken into consideration.

Yes, depending on availability.