The Wilderness Escape:
Helicat Team Building Adventure

The Wilderness Escape: Helicat Team Building Adventure is more than just a day at the mountain; it's an opportunity to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with your team.

Leave behind the hustle and bustle of crowded ski slopes, noisy lifts, and embark on an unforgettable journey that will not only increase your serotonin but also rejuvenate your spirits.

Imagine the excitement as your team gathers in the morning in the weSKI - Muntele Mic resort, where the unmistakable thud of rotor blades fills the crisp mountain air, and a sleek and powerful helicopter, stands ready to transport you to a world that few have the privilege to explore.

As you take off and rise above the resort, a breathtaking panorama and pristine wilderness unfolds beneath you.

Your destination? A remote and untouched area deep within the wilderness, where the Helicat experience truly comes to life. The helicopter smoothly descends, and you touch down on a wide expanse of untouched snow. The solitude and serenity are palpable as you disembark, leaving behind the noisy world of ski resort. Here, there are no lines, no waiting, and no distractions. You're surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of nature, with only your team members who share this exclusive experience with you. The slope ahead is pristine, untouched by the tracks of others, and the fresh powder glistens in the sunlight, inviting you to leave your mark.

With the guidance of an expert cat-skiing instructor, you and your team will carve your way through the freshly made slope, forging bonds that can only be strengthened in the quietude of this winter wonderland.

PS: Whether you're a seasoned skier/snowboarder or a first-time snow enthusiast, the Helicat Adventure offers an unforgettable experience for all skill levels.

As the sun sets behind the mountains, you'll be taken back to the resort by the same majestic helicopter.

Forge deeper connections, build trust, and create unforgettable memories in the tranquil embrace of the wilderness. Don't miss your chance to elevate your team building to new heights with this exclusive and unique experience!



Frequently Asked

For special dates and rates your group should consist in minimum 8 person.

Yes. We will try to coordinate so you fit in a group that will match your level.

Professional video-guides are available on request to ski with your group and capture the day’s adventures on digital video. Enquire about this service at our counter when booking or confirming your day’s heli-skiing.

The best snow in our mountains you can find between the middle of January until mid March.

Half of the payment needs to be paid via bank transfer as soon as possible in order to guarantee your reservation. Your reservation will only be fully confirmed once the payment has been made.

The other half needs to be paid in cash at our mountain chalet before or after our program.

The cars are parked in a safe location in Muntele Mic parking lot and easily accessible on skis or skidoo from your accommodation.

Extra meters we calculate with 17 eur/pers/100 m vertical drop.

You will receive the money back except the amount you paid for accommodation, food, helicopter reservation, your mountain guide. We are refunding 15 Eur/pers/100 m of vertical drop that we do not accomplish. For example on the package that guarantees 5000m in vertical drop, in case of not flying 2000m out of them then we will refund you 300eur.

The groups must have a basic mountain experience and a moderate physical condition in order to be able to maintain a relatively short waiting time.

We access a wide range of terrain and runs and depending on the snow safety and conditions we ride different runs and both vertical and length an average of 500m vertical/ run can be taken into consideration.

Yes, depending on availability.